February 5, 2023

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Google continues to fight Apple with a giant billboard in Las Vegas

Google continues to find it annoying that Apple can’t keep up with RCS. Apple has already made it clear it’s not waiting for RCS, but Google is hoping to impress with a giant billboard in Las Vegas.


The question is how far Google is getting the message across to Apple: By choosing Las Vegas for the week of the main gadget show CES, it appears to be mainly aiming to make people who use Apple less happy with their brand. The reason Google insists so much RCS (Rich Communication Services) is that it is an enhanced version of SMS and MMS. Apple’s iMessage app keeps switching to texting when it comes to Android users, which means that photos and videos, among other things, appear to be of very poor quality.

This makes the iMessage experience between iPhones much better than that of an iPhone and an Android device, which makes choosing Android less attractive. Bulletin board (provided by Eptin) states, “The ball may have dropped in 2022, but you don’t have to drop the ball when fixing pixelated photos and videos.” This is a very literal translation, what it’s actually saying is, “You may have screwed up in 2022, but in 2022 you don’t have to screw up when it comes to fixing pixelated photos and videos.”

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Billboard in Las Vegas

There are also a number of lines of code on the bulletin board with the message: “Some code to get the ball rolling”. It’s clearly aimed at Apple, which Google has been hoping for years to implement RCS. This is because videos and photos can be sent in high quality, among other advantages. Think of being able to get read receipts and use modern emojis and animations.

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Google comes up with all kinds of creative ways to get Apple to do just that. For example, he previously came up with a kind of parody of a song by hip-hop artist Drake to draw attention to this topic. However, not every attempt has been successful so far. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook simply says that people should buy an iPhone for their mom if she’s disappointed that she can’t share beautiful photos via iMessage on her Android device. So it doesn’t look like Apple will change its mind anytime soon, but it clearly doesn’t make Google any less combative.

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