November 29, 2023

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Google delivers the first developer version of Android 13 – tablets and phones – news

The problem is that the rot of the Android ecosystem is deeply rooted.
By itself, it’s a good/good thing that AOSP exists and that the foundation is open source. But how positive open source is, it is very negative in Android.

Personally, I mainly use Sailfish as an operating system, because their revenue model is (more) fairer than that of Android. Unfortunately, I am using Android Support, for the following reasons: Whatsapp.
In addition, I had a license from Sygic, which I also use. Plus I use Android apps for the organization I work for. I do this on another Android phone (only).

But on this phone, I spent about an hour getting normal permissions (a zero-tolerance access policy). Then there are non-removable apps where I can’t change certain permissions. So it is still being listened to. On my previous smartphone (Android only) I also had this problem, plus every time I open the SMS app it complained due to Google Play services. I even give Google Play Services access to my microphone.

It’s good that Android is open in principle, but in practice it is of little use. I also don’t think I can/should put a custom tweak on my phone for the company I work for, because of the apps I use for that.

In addition to privacy, many Android apps contain many, many ads. I practically see it as mandatory to install something like blokada. If you think it’s “essential”: Sailfish has (in OS and Sailfish apps) no ads. It does not ask for personal information. And the apps don’t cost anything. And the updates have been around for years. And root access is possible. Sorry, I digress.

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Android is disabled in its current form. In a review of the Huawei device, it was suggested that it is a model flaw Is that the device did not use Google Play Services, when in fact this is an advantage. We must protect our data. Also for our government because Syriabecause wildcard issue† But don’t worry, the government will learn from him, and so will Syria Improvement

And LineageOS, /e/OS is good for a while, but not in the long run. You continue to use Android. As a result, you are (indirectly) encouraging the creation of apps for Android, so that Google can continue to benefit from its monopoly position: the platform continues to be used.

Google refuses to have a normal update policy (at least 3 years, even better 5 years of updates for all devices). They don’t have to blame the manufacturers: they can agree that updates will be pushed and the manufacturers are responsible for the drivers, etc.
google worth billions With Android (70% off, $22) Billion Until 2016 alone) and Jolla also succeeds with Sailfish, while they likely won’t have perm market share, let alone revenue.

Fortunately (I think) paid apps are not that expensive. I have several times bought some games for a few euros (besides Sygic) and I think that’s fine. But I prefer to pay more, not in the form of ads, my data and bad update policy.
Fortunately there is still a sailfish. I think I will continue to support her for as long as she is around. The convenience that this is from Android (and what Maemo/MeeGo was, which was a spiritual precursor to it), is still invaluable compared to Android. With Sailfish, I’ve never felt like I own Android in terms of eye appeal, but an ad-free experience with updates, without having to give up personal data and root access remains great. Even after 10 years.

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