June 9, 2023

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Google introduces its first foldable Pixel smartphone

The first foldable smartphone in Google’s Pixel series is real.

At its I/O developer conference, Google introduced three new products in its Pixel range, each featuring a Tensor G2 chip; It was introduced last year. By far the most important of the three is Google’s first foldable smartphone: the Pixel Fold – what’s in the name – is also a tablet when unveiled. Additionally, the series is expanding further with a tablet that doesn’t convert into a phone and a new smartphone that doesn’t convert into a tablet.

pixel fold

In fact, the star of this product’s offering is a 7.6-inch tablet that folds and closes like a book. When closed, it becomes a 5.8-inch smartphone. The basis of this folding structure is a stainless steel hinge, which is in principle good for at least 200,000 folds. According to Google, it’s powerful enough to use the device up to half uncovered; It then effectively doubles as a mini laptop. That’s roughly three devices for the hefty $1,800 price tag.

Both displays feature OLED technology with a refresh rate of 120Hz. With the larger screen, you can enjoy a slightly higher resolution than the smartphone form factor: 2,208 x 1,840 pixels. Each screen is joined by an 8.3MP camera. As a smartphone, there are also three additions: a 48MP main lens, an ultra-wide lens, and a telephoto module. The latter two work out at 10.8 megapixels.

The processor is backed by twelve gigabytes of memory, but it can also be configured with 256 GB or 512 GB. All this is powered by a 4800 mAh battery. They’ll last more than 24 hours, fully charged, according to Google (in certain cases).

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Unfortunately, we have to report (in the meantime, as is a good practice) that this device is not yet available in Belgium or the Netherlands. Thus, Google adheres to its strategy of treating our country as an unimportant second-rate market.

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Pixel Tablet

The tablet has been given the obvious name Pixel Tablet and retails for $499. The device has an 11-inch lens, eight megabytes of RAM, and you can choose between 128 or 256 GB in terms of storage.

For just under five hundred dollars, Google also offers a magnetic base with two speakers and a charging system, which also works as standard. In this way, the Pixel Tablet becomes a smart display that you can use, for example, to operate your other smart devices in your home.

Pixel 7 a

The new smartphone comes on the market under the loud name Pixel 7a, for at least five hundred dollars. This is certainly a tenth more than the predecessor 6a. It’s a mid-range phone, with a 6.1-inch screen that gets a 90Hz refresh rate. According to Google, the screen is about a quarter brighter under direct sunlight than the 6a screen.

Additional upgrades include a 64-megapixel wide-angle camera and greater support for wireless charging. According to Google, a single charge of the 7a can last up to three days in battery saver mode.