July 19, 2024

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Google is adding all these features with Android 15

Google is adding all these features with Android 15

Google has it New beta Android 15 released. But what features can we expect with the new operating system? We’ve included it.

Secure space on your smartphone

Nowadays, we use smartphones for many things, including things that involve sensitive information. For example, if you don’t want someone to be able to view only your photos, there will be a useful new feature for that in Android 15.

Google offers a private space. Here you can put all the applications that you do not want to give anyone access to. To open apps, additional authentication, such as a fingerprint or password, is first required.

Preview your history

Many people nowadays are using new ways to navigate on their smartphones, instead of the three icons at the bottom of the screen. For example, one popular option is to swipe the edge of the screen to go back.

With this option, you can first check exactly where you will return to in Android 15. Before completing the gesture, you will see a preview of the page that will open.

Record parts of the screen

It has been possible to record your screen for some time now. Perfect if, for example, you want to explain to a friend how to change a specific setting on their phone.

But maybe you don’t want to show your entire screen, for example because of sensitive information. In Android 15, you have the option to record only a specific part of your screen.

Sending messages via satellite communication

For iOS 18, Apple is offering messaging via a satellite connection and Google is not far behind. The same functionality has been added in Android 15. This only concerns the software required for this purpose.

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To actually send messages in this way, there must also be the appropriate hardware on board. In addition, manufacturers may also have to enter into cooperation with companies responsible for satellite communications.

Adjust vibrations for your applications

If your smartphone is on vibrate mode and you receive a notification, the vibration may vary in intensity or quantity. These options are always built into the app itself, and you can’t choose whether you get two fast vibrations with the app and one steady vibration with email.

But with Android 15, you get that option. The operating system adds custom options for vibration. Vibration can also be automatically adjusted depending on the environment, for example, if the smartphone detects that it is on a soft or hard surface.

Anti-theft measures

Although you can protect your sensitive information against cybercriminals in many ways, there is always the possibility that your phone could be stolen by a “common” criminal.

Android 15 adds security to that as well. For example, AI can be used to detect when a smartphone is snatched from your hands and then immediately lock the phone. You also get more options to lock your smartphone remotely and prevent it from being reset without login details.

Better functionality on tablets

Android has been working very well on smartphones for years, but the operating system is quite disappointing on tablets. With the new version, Google is trying to change that and make it closer to a desktop-like operating system.

For example, on a tablet, it becomes possible to pin the taskbar to the screen, just like on a Windows PC. You can also remember groups of split-screen apps, so they’ll open later at the same time and in the same ratio.

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It is not yet known when the full version of Android 15 will be released. With the third beta now released, Google is on schedule, meaning the update could be released as early as August or September.