December 3, 2023

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Google maakt zoeken binnen Drive eenvoudiger

Google makes searching within Drive easier

Google brings the functionality of its search segments to Google Drive. This function makes it easy to search for specific files in Drive.

tech giant recently announced The search function of the search chips has been extended to Google Drive. This functionality has been available in beta to all Google Workpace users since late last year, including G Suite Basic and Business users. Now the job is generally available.

Refine search results

Specifically, search segments ensure that Google Drive search results can be restricted based on location, file type, processing history, people, tasks, and shared labels. These six selection criteria appear below the search field after the search has been performed. When you click on these criteria, duplicate search results appear. These recent search results, in turn, can be optimized for locations within Drive.

More overview

Search slides for complex search functionality have been available in Gmail since 2020. Until now, Drive’s limited search filters could only be accessed through the drop-down tabs in the search bar. Search chips make search results clearer and easier to manage, which is the tech giant’s idea.

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