July 23, 2024

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Google Maps update shows how much fee you have to pay

Google Maps update shows how much fee you have to pay

Google has announced some notable new features of its GPS Maps app. The first is to display fee rates in different countries.

to Google Maps Planning a trip in a country with high tolls will soon become easier. After all, the company from Mountain View, California will calculate the cost of this highway tax in each country Implementation to merge.

With this information, travelers can better estimate the cost of their trip, choose a route to take advantage of cheaper fares, or even change the day of departure to save money. Users will continue to maps You can ask to find a free route for them.

Compared to Waze, the prices shown in the maps will be more reliable because they come directly from the border crossing operators and not from an estimate prepared by the program.

“We take into account factors such as the cost of using a charge card or other payment methods, what day of the week it is, and the expected cost of the fee at the exact moment you pass,” Google says on its website.

USA, Japan, India and Indonesia

At the moment, Google has listed 4 countries whose prices will be displayed in the maps: the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia. Other countries will also be included in the list, but that will take some time. Unfortunately, the US company did not provide a timeline or list of beneficiary countries. Undoubtedly that page Of our southern neighbors in the app, it remains to be seen when.

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