December 1, 2022

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Google messages receive SMS feedback, annoying like iMessage

Google messages receive SMS feedback, annoying like iMessage

A day after his appearance Apple takes credit For Google to add iMessage comments on Android, the Messages app starts rolling out the ability to leave comments on text messages, which is already possible with RCS.

mid 2020Google introduced the ability to send iMessage-like responses to RCS. When you receive an RCS chat, pressing it allows you to leave one of seven emojis, including thumbs up/down and a set of facial expressions.

We’ve now received two notifications from Google Messages users who can reply to text messages. As with RCS, just click through for the seven unmodified comments. If the SMS recipient is using Messaging, the response will appear in the lower right corner.

For recipients who don’t use the Google Messages app, don’t have RCS chat enabled, or on iOS, a return is a text message with an emoji from the sender followed by what is answered with quotes.

L: Messaging app leaves reply to SMS | R: Android SMS Comments on iPhone (1st, 3rd, 4th line)

Google Backup’s design is nicer and more visually clear than its iPhone counterpart, which only sends a text description instead of emojis.

This is undoubtedly a feature that helps users to be more expressive. However, it can become annoying over time as Android users talking to iPhone owners can confirm this.

Meanwhile, Google Messages works – just like us It was enabled earlier this month – About the ability to reply to an RCS chat with an emoji. These two things can be linked.

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