December 8, 2023

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Google Pixel 6a may be released earlier than expected

Google Pixel 6a may be released earlier than expected

While many people are still inventing the Pixel 6, an affordable alternative is eagerly awaited. We don’t have to wait that long, if we’re to believe the rumours. Google Pixel 6a will appear as early as May.

Pixel 6 A

Usually when Google comes up with a replacement A device, it will be in the summer. Google Pixel 4a appeared in format August 2020 The same is true for the Google Pixel 5a. Now those devices are also delayed, due to the Corona virus and the procedures in place in the world due to this virus.

From Google Pixel 3a It came out in May, so Google seems to prefer it: So you have a flagship in the fall and a budget variant in the spring. This is also great, because in the springtime, Google always presents its big annual Google I/O, announcing new possibilities in the pipeline.

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Google I / O

On the other hand, Google has not made any official announcements about 6a yet. That it’s coming in May comes from the fairly trusted Max Jambor. If the Pixel 6a really comes out in May, what can we expect from it? Not much is known about this either, although it is expected to follow a slightly different design with lower quality cameras.

In addition, there are rumors that the Pixel 6a for the first time in the a-series will not have a 3.5mm port, which you can use to connect wired earbuds, for example. A setback for music fundamentalists, then.

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He is busy at Google, because there are also whispers that a smartwatch from the company will appear in May. It will be the first ever Pixel smartwatch. And this weekend we also wrote about a possible new one Chromecast That was coming. In short, there are still very nice things to come for Google fans.

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