December 4, 2022

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Google Pixel 7 prototype for sale: You need to know

Google Pixel 7 prototype for sale: You need to know

An alleged Google Pixel 7 prototype is already up for sale on eBay. Templates are already for sale on Facebook Marketplace. That’s while we’ll only see the hardware officially in six months.

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Google Pixel 7 prototype already on eBay

When Google Pixel 7 And the Pixel 7 Pro Whether it is officially introduced is still the question. Good google rather first Shared information about upcoming high-end devices† However, prototypes have now been released for sale via Facebook Marketplace and eBay, among others.

In addition, several photos of the dark gray model of the Pixel 7 have been placed. In some of the shots, the reflection on the back shows the device with which those photos were taken. You guessed it, this is the Google Pixel 7 Pro. The seller is said to have bought the smartphones again from someone who owned several prototypes, but additional details are missing.

GOOGLE PIXEL 7 prototype leaked and our first images of PIXEL 7 PRO

It remains to be seen if the introduction of these devices will have consequences for vendors. Almost all information about them can be found through public announcements. Manual operations and photos of prototypes appeared long before the official launch last year, but these photos were placed on the Internet by anonymous sources.

What we already know about the Google Pixel 7 (Pro)

We expect the Pixel 7 phones to see the light of day in October of this year. Three color variants of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will be launched in the market, just like the Pixel 6 series. The devices also have an improved version of the Tensor chip.

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Rumor has it that smartphones will get it The same screens as their direct ancestors† RUNNING Android 13 Thus they are the first devices that directly have the new Android version. The new camera island is striking. As with the Pixel 6 series, the cameras can be found in the large horizontal bar on the back.

Google Pixel 7 (Pro)

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