February 1, 2023

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Google Pixel roadmap to 2025 has been leaked

Thanks to the leak, we already know what to expect for the Google Pixel in 2023, 2024 and 2025. The first foldable Pixel is particularly noteworthy.

The leak came from an “anonymous but reliable” source who reported the news Android Authority Brought. While confirming a leak isn’t always great, this detailed plan for upcoming Google Pixel releases doesn’t seem far-fetched. According to Lekker, a lot also depends on the success of certain products. We briefly review the course of the years 2023, 2024 and 2025.

2023: Google Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel 8

It will start next year with two Pixels under the codenames “Lynx” and “Felix”. We know these codenames are for the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold, respectively. The 7a was already expected at the Google I/O event in April or May, as Pixel versions always come out around that time. It is not yet certain what will be different about 7a compared to 6a.

In addition, the Pixel Fold is also likely to be released at the same time. It was also called the Pixel Notepad, but it will likely continue to be released as the Pixel Fold. The cost of phones can also be disclosed by Lekker. The Pixel 7a will likely cost the same as the 6a, $449 or €422. The Fold costs $1,799, which is about €1,692. For comparison: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 costs around 1,799 euros.

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will follow later in the year, codenamed “shiba” and “husky”. According to the leak, little will change in these devices compared to the 7 series. The Pixel 8 will be smaller than the 7, but the 8 Pro remains the same size. Pixel 8 series is expected with “zuma” or Tensor G3 processor.

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2024: Pixel 8a, Pixel 9, and the next foldable?

The trajectory of 2024 depends more on how sales will go in 2023. For example, the Pixel 8a (codenamed “akita”) is planned, but only if the 7a does well. 8a may be deleted or pushed back to 2025. This means that Google will go for a biennial version of the series. If the Pixel 8a ever comes out, it will likely cost $499 or €469. It’s also uncertain what Google’s plan for a second foldable is. When it does come out, it will likely be in 2024, but Google is logically waiting for the results of the first Pixel Fold.

The Pixel 9 series will be released in the fall of 2024 anyway. This series will only consist of three devices instead of two. This third model will be smaller than the Pro model, at 6.3 inches (“caiman”) instead of 6.7 inches (“komodo”). Additional details are still unclear, but it’s clear that Google wants to follow Apple’s iPhone strategy. The Pixel 9 range will also get a “redondo” or Tensor G4 processor.

2025: Multiple Choices

Google’s schedule options in 2025 are still a bit wider depending on past market performance. There may be a clamshell version of the Pixel, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. In this case, we can expect it in the fall of 2025, along with the Pixel 10. Most likely, the larger and smaller Pro model will return.

Google leave the clamshell version as it is, there will likely be a total of four non-foldables in 2025. Then the regular Pixel will also get a smaller version. It is still uncertain if another 9a or another foldable version will be released.