July 21, 2024

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Grab the Incopack: More punching power for more whipped cream

Grab the Incopack: More punching power for more whipped cream

The Dutch Royal A-ware Food Group has concrete plans to take over the Limburg dairy group The Dairy Food Group from the Nijs family. This means that more than 300 employees in Limburg from companies such as Incopack, Limelco or Eurodesserts will have new bosses.

The dairy group consists of the dairy processing companies Incopack and Incorock in Dilsen-Stokkem, Eurodesserts in Beringen, Limelco in Zonhoven and the Belgian milk collection company Milk Company. The group was founded in 1988 by the late Gilbert Nijs, a business tycoon and founder of Incopack in Dilsen-Stokkem. Under his wing, a real food group was created that supplies whipped cream in aerosol cans, desserts, cheese, protein drinks, cream and milk powder to major European supermarket chains. His greatest achievement was undoubtedly the acquisition of the milk processing company Limelco in Zonhoven in 2008. This also included the Belgian Milk Company (BMC), which collects milk from 260 dairy farmers every day. The entire group has more than 300 employees and a combined turnover of around EUR 300 million.


Gilbert Nijs, who was known for never mincing words, passed away in 2014 due to a long-term illness. For this reason, he had already handed over the torch as CEO to his daughter Nathalie a year earlier. Now, ten years later, the Dairy Food Group is under the wing of the Dutch family conglomerate Royal A-ware Food Group. “This gives our company the strength to grow further,” says Nathalie Nijs. “Ultimately, we are facing major challenges, such as the transition to sustainability, staff shortages and stricter European rules on milk production. Furthermore, the Royal A-ware Group is also a family group, with the same standards and values.

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large dairy group

If the European competition authorities give the green light, Limburg will end up with the large Dutch dairy group Royal A-ware Food Group, headquartered in Lübeck. The acquirer can boast a history spanning more than 125 years, having been formed in 2010 through the merger of the family dairy companies Bouter Kaas and Anker Kaas. Royal A-ware Food Group has a turnover of €3.3 billion (2023). More than 4,000 employees work at various locations throughout Europe and beyond. Royal A-ware specializes in the production of cheese, dairy products, cream, milk powder and savouries.

Strengthen the position

Royal A-ware Food Group hopes to close the deal before the end of the year. “With this acquisition, we can strengthen our position in our second home,” says Jan Anker, CEO of Royal A-ware Food Group, which is already active in our country with dairies in Aalter, Herne, Kroebeek and Meerstem. “At the same time, we can improve our milk processing in Belgium and thus work on more efficient chains.” Details on the acquisition price were not disclosed. Nathalie Nijs will remain on the board of directors of the Dairy Food Group even after the acquisition.