October 7, 2022

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Grand Slams.  Mike de Decker loses first game to Clemens even though Barnefield narrowly loses on comeback |  More sports

Grand Slams. Mike de Decker loses first game to Clemens even though Barnefield narrowly loses on comeback | More sports

dartsWith the Grand Slam of Darts, we are once again introducing the high level darts tournament. Unfortunately without ‘Dancing Dimi’ – our compatriot has tested positive for Corona. But with young Belgian Mike de Decker in Group E who lost his first match. Below is an overview of today’s results.

The first group: the price with a lot of difficulty against the 21-year-old contender

World champion Jeroen Price had a lot of trouble with 21-year-old Nathan Rafferty, ranked 135th in the world. In the crucial ninth second leg match, the Welshman survived a match-thrust from Rafferty to finish it: 5-4. In the first match of the first set, world number 13 Krzysztof Ratajsky had no problem with Martin Schindler (PDC 78). Pole barely missed a leg and eventually won as expected with clear numbers: 5-1.

Group B: Clayton puts Rusty Jake Rodriguez aside

Johnny Clayton had his favorite role against young talent Rusty-Jake Rodriguez – barely 20 years old. The Ferret won convincingly 5-3 with an average of 101.5. Mervyn King unexpectedly lost to Bradley Brooks 1-5 – tough numbers.

Group C: Wade loses suddenly

Also a surprise in Group C on this opening day of the Grand Slam of Darts. James Wade (PDC 4) fell to Jim Williams, who took the crucial ninth home game: 4-5. Rob Kroes did what he had to do against Croatian Boris Krakmar. It was 5-0.

The fourth set: the replacement of “Dancing Demi” falls immediately

Chris Doby, the alternate for ‘Dancing Dimi’, did not beat Robbie John Rodriguez who triumphed 3-5. Ryan Joyce previously defeated Stephen Banting. He was unable to cash an average of 106.7.

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Group E: Mike de Decker lost – despite nearly nine quarters – to Clemens

There is no trick for Mike de Decker in his first tag team match. He got an early break against Gabriel Clemens. Our compatriot fought 2-1, although Clemens quickly put an end to that dream. De Decker threw seven more perfect darts and looked like he was on his way to a rare nine-shooter game, but that wasn’t the case. De Decker took a 5-1 lead.

Still in the Belgian group, Peter Wright won his match against Valon Cheroke 5-1, although this result does not reflect the picture of the game. Sherrock held up well for a long time, after a break from Snakebite but dropped it at 3-1 after a second break. Wright also took advantage of the second leg, 5-1.

Group F: De Sousa has a few problems with Campbell

In group F, José De Sousa is the biggest eye-catcher. The Portuguese had quite a bit of trouble against Matt Campbell, even seeming to laugh a little at times. At 120 he tried three times double 20, but to no avail. It became 5-1. In that other match, Luke Humphreys left himself to be defeated by Mansur Sulinovic. He missed a crucial arrow in a brace at 3-2 and then let it slip away. Final score: 5-3.

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Group G: Van Gerwin disbands 5-0

With Lisa Ashton, the first woman of the evening took the stage. She received no gifts from Michael Van Gerwin and lost her bone with 5-0. Ashton threw a very low average (88), Van Gerwen was allowed backstage 8 minutes 30 seconds later. Same score and quick match in Colin vs Henderson (5-0) where Henderson showed very little to intimidate Colin Strong.

Group H: Gary Anderson deals with injured Davies

Joe Davis started this tournament with a severe elbow injury, and it showed up. He only found a triple after 15 stocks. Anderson got many gifts in Thanksgiving and easily won 5-1. The last poster was perhaps the most beautiful, because four-time world champion Raymond van Barneveld is back on the podium. He showed that he did not forget the darts and forced Michael Smith to make a decision after a high-level match. In it, the Dutchman threw six bad darts at a crucial moment, which would cost him the win: 5-4 for Smith.

You can watch all matches live on VTM 4!

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