February 6, 2023

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Greenpeace sues Volkswagen: ‘the chance of them winning is very small’ | Environment

The case brought by Greenpeace against Volkswagen in Germany could continue. A spokesman for the court in Braunschweig said it was also unlikely that the environmental organization would win the case.

Greenpeace argues that Volkswagen is violating fundamental rights by continuing to market polluting cars and demands that the automaker stop doing so by 2030. The company must also cut carbon dioxide emissions by 65 percent compared to 2018. The environmental organization is relying on a ruling made in May 2020 that Germany was violating the rights of future generations by not doing more against climate change. Greenpeace also cited the lawsuit Melodydefense won against Shell.

But according to a spokesperson for the court in Braunschweig, this strategy is unlikely to yield results. “Fundamental rights apply between citizens and the state. The remarkable thing here is that individuals are addressing a private company about violating basic rights. The case is unlikely to succeed.”

Earlier, the Stuttgart court dismissed a claim brought against Mercedes-Benz by the environmental organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH). The judges there said it was not clear how Mercedes-Benz violated citizens’ rights. DUH has appealed against this.

DUH also has a case against Germany’s third largest automaker BMW. He will be treated in Munich at the beginning of February.