July 21, 2024

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Group Aertssen makes every effort to pamper employees: festival with Natalia, Clouseau and #Likeme (companies)

Group Aertssen makes every effort to pamper employees: festival with Natalia, Clouseau and #Likeme (companies)

The main office is in Stabrook. © evdw

The Artsen Group will soon disrupt its employees and relationships. On site at the new site in Fairbrook, Aertssen organizes a festival with Clouseau, Natalia, Samson, Marie and other notable names. Prior to the opening of the branch, there will also be a panel discussion with Jean Gambon, Bart de Wever, Water de Guest and Jack Vandermeeren.

Paul Hendricks

Aertssen, which is active in transport, earthmoving and cranes, among others, was named Company of the Year in 2021 and will soon celebrate its 60th anniversary. Then the new location of Aertssen Transport and Logistics was opened in Verrebroek. There is so much to celebrate and so much to catch up on. A professionally prepared festival is an original stunt. “This event is by invitation for customers, suppliers and our employees,” says Yves Aertssen, Co-CEO.

Artsen says, “By dedicating ourselves to our employees, we make a difference as an employer. We give everyone opportunities to grow through the Artsen Training Center. There is plenty of room for fun both on and off the work floor. This way we attract new talent and strengthen bonds with our existing employees. That is The reason for such an initiative.”

© Joris Heregoods

The morning program on the festival website consists of #Likeme, Camille Dhondt, Kapitein Winokio, Samson and Marie. In the evening, the roof goes off completely with Les Truttes, De Grungblavers, Natalia, Clouseau and DJ Avalonn, known from MNM.

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Marginal entertainment is equally impressive, with dirt, fun and bouncy castles. Parents can chat about food trucks. The new location was officially opened on the Friday before the festival: Wouter De Geest (VOKA), Jan Jambon (Flemish Prime Minister), Jacques Vandermeiren (CEO of the Port of Antwerp) joined a panel discussion on the supply chain. , Sam Aertssen (Aertssen) Logistics) and Prof. Dr Christa Sis (University of Antwerp).

Aertssen was founded in the early 1960s by farmer Marcel Artssen of the ramshackle Oorderen, who saw new opportunities in the rapidly advancing port. He took it with passion and daring, and at the same time, the group is active all over the world with more than 1,700 people. The second and third generations of the family are at the helm of the company now.