July 23, 2024

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GTA 5 role-playing players can now get the vaccination

GTA 5 role-playing players can now get the vaccination

Corona not only rules the real world, they seem to infect the beloved gaming world as well. While this was exactly our escape from reality. So no longer. Because something is going on GT 5. There are often enough online videos for some RPG elements in the online version of the game. You can do everything as an agent or just work for the defense. Now a new part has been added. You can get the vaccination within the game. This is related to the Brazilian version of GTA 5. In the game they invite you to get the vaccination. If you do, you can get some extras to spend in the game.

Wait inside the game to get your Pfizer shot

Sounds like a good joke, but it’s actually true. In Brazil, coronavirus is a huge problem and not many people are vaccinated. That’s why Pfizer is trying this with their GTA 5 role-playing servers. This way they try to achieve a higher vaccination rate. And imagine what? There are literally classes in the game. Pickers have created a special hashtag. The #InGameVaccine Challenge. Will this help COVID out of the country?

Take a picture of your character online in GTA 5

As part of this special in-game mission, players can vaccinate their characters at one of Pfizer’s vaccination centers. This is the Cidade Alt game. This is the largest and most famous GTA RP server in Latin America. We also encourage you to take pictures of your in-game character. You will then get a special logo. You will also get a sticker in real life. This way you can take a picture together and show that you have received the vaccination.

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Could this be a good idea to do in the Netherlands? Or total shit? Let me know in the comments. and you know that. You don’t have to agree with each other, but you always have to respect each other’s opinion.

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