December 5, 2023

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Hairdressers ask Dutch ministers to wear "corona coupe" in a photo with King |  abroad

Hairdressers ask Dutch ministers to wear “corona coupe” in a photo with King | abroad

The Dutch Hairdressing Association is calling on ministers of the new government in the Netherlands not to appear with modern haircuts for a traditional photo with the king, after hair salons remained closed due to the closure. “That would be a very bad signal,” says the ANKO trade association.

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The photo was taken on Monday at Nordende Palace in The Hague. “If the hair looks visibly cut, then the ministers have an explanation,” an ANKO spokeswoman said.

The Barber’s Dome is wishing the new ministers ‘strength’ now that they can’t go to the hairdresser due to lockdown to look at the top. “A well-tailored haircut simply gives you confidence,” says Maurice Crusio, President of ANKO. “And I think this is necessary if you’re posing for a photo booth to be included in the history books. I don’t want to be there with threatening fluff, roots, or carpet.”

In previous lockdowns, many Dutch have opted to cut themselves, or have someone do it, for example. ANKO is also seeing more and more people choosing to go to the hairdresser illegally. The sectoral organization calls on the Dutch and the new ministerial team to ignore both options. “Wait for your stylist, it’ll be our call, because you can never do that well on your own.”

Hairdressers and beauty experts warn that the new closure could mean the death of many companies