February 5, 2023

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Hamilton legt Verstappen uit waarom hij bijna botste met de Red Bull

Hamilton explains to Verstappen why he collided with Red Bull

It would have been close had Max Verstappen crashed with Lewis Hamilton after the former came out of the pit lane midway through the Canadian Grand Prix. Everything went unhindered, but then the gentlemen talked about it for a while. Hamilton did not know where Verstappen was, he explained to the Red Bull driver.

On lap 44, Verstappen moved to a pit stop, to start the last task of the race with a new set of hard tyre. Red Bull calculated the stopping point in such a way that Verstappen would return to the track in front of Hamilton and behind race director Carlos Sainz with a quick tire change. However, this didn’t quite go according to plan, with Verstappen back on the track along with Hamilton. However, the latter left his Mercedes far away, forcing Verstappen out and having to slow down to avoid a collision. After the race, the guys talked about this near miss.

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Verstappen angry at Hamilton’s moment

Verstappen reacted angrily to his team via the onboard radio. Limberger thought he should have come for Hamilton. “Why didn’t you make sure I was done for him?” Verstappen grumbled. He eventually overtook Hamilton on a lap later and after the race, the champs looked back for the time being in the Cool Down room, before the podium party. The TV screen in the room showed a replay of the impending collision between Verstappen and Hamilton, with the Red Bull driver saying: “That was so close!”

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“I was like, Where is he?” explains Hamilton.

Hamilton immediately tried to explain the fact that he had let his car widen, forcing Verstappen to brake to avoid the collision. “Oh yeah, I only saw you after a while,” said the seven-time world champion. I thought: Where is he? Verstappen admits he didn’t find enough speed to stay ahead of Hamilton. “There’s poor grip there (when coming out of the pit lane),” the Red Bull driver said.