September 28, 2022

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Hamilton wins insane race, Verstappen and Hamilton equal points in final race |  Formula 1

Hamilton wins insane race, Verstappen and Hamilton equal points in final race | Formula 1

The first edition of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix did not disappoint. After an eventful race, it was Lewis Hamilton who finally took the lead. Max Verstappen must watch wistfully as Hamilton now comes by his side at the World Cup centre.

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Accidents everywhere in Jeddah

“The fastest street circuit in the world”. For example, the all-new circuit in Jeddah presented itself as the backdrop to the penultimate Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season. Lewis Hamilton was allowed to start from pole position in Saudi Arabia, and Verstappen started a lower row after an expensive qualifying error.

The narrow and lightning-fast rotation would ensure the scene and that’s what happened. Mick Schumacher was the first to park his car to the side, and it was the harbinger of an eventful evening.

During the safety car’s first stop, Mercedes called Hamilton to change tires. Verstappen did not. A tactically smart move, as it turns out, because when the red flag flew shortly after, Verstappen was allowed to start from first place on restart.

However, this restart immediately caused a new bit of chaos: Perez, Russell and Mazepin collided hard, and the race was over for the three of them. This was tough, especially for Perez and Red Bull, because the racing stable lost valuable points in the battle for the constructors’ title.

What followed was a stunning consultation between race management and Red Bull about a questionable maneuver by Verstappen in the first restart. In the end, Verstappen was pushed two places back in the new reboot. Ocon and Hamilton were given a first grader as a gift.

The safety car was a busy work day.

Hamilton wins unforgettable giant duel with Verstappen

This reboot will provide a lot of scenery, just like the first. Verstappen withdrew with a vintage maneuver into the first inner corner and grabbed the lead again. Hamilton scratched his hair, quickly tackled Ocon and crawled in Verstappen’s heels. The duel of the titans presented itself.

After two more yellow flags for accidents in the back, Verstappen and Hamilton still have ten laps to battle for victory. Hamilton thought his moment had come and launched his long-awaited attack, but Verstappen threw his neck in front and blocked.

However, the race director saw a mistake and forced Verstappen to relinquish his leading position to Hamilton. The Dutchman obeyed and slowed down, but as a result, Hamilton, who tapped Verstappen’s rear with his front wing, was blocked.

An angry Hamilton drew strength from him and not long after that it was Verstappen. In addition, the Dutchman also received a 5-second penalty for a questionable maneuver earlier. The case was suddenly settled in Hamilton’s favour.

The Briton takes the GP for the third time in a row in Saudi Arabia, and because of his fastest lap, he is on the same level as Verstappen at the World Cup. Bottas completed the Mercedes party by folding the Ocon at the end and finishing third. A very exciting apotheosis awaits in Abu Dhabi next week.

Match moment:

Saudi Arabia result
1. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) mercedes
2. Max Verstappen (Ned) Red Bull
3. Valtteri Bottas (Vin) mercedes
4. Esteban Ocon (FRA) Alps
5. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) McLaren
6. Pierre Gasly (fra) Alpha Tour
7. Charles Leclerc (Mon) Ferrari
8. Carlos Sainz (spa) Ferrari
9. Antonio Giovannazzi (ETA) Alfa Romeo
10. Norris Land (Britain) McLaren
11. Lance Stroller (Can) Aston Martin
12. Nicholas Latifi (Cannes) Williams
13. Fernando Alonso (spa) Alps
14. Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) Alpha Tour
15th. Kimi Raikkonen (Ven) Alfa Romeo
Formula 1 World Cup 2021 standings
racer automatic points
1. Max Verstappen (Ned) Red Bull 369.5 (9 wins)
2. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) mercedes 369.5 (8 wins)
3. Valtteri Bottas (Vin) mercedes 218
4. Sergio Perez (mix) Red Bull 190
5. Charles Leclerc (Mon) Ferrari 158
6. Norris Land (Britain) McLaren 154
7. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Spa) Ferrari 149.5
8. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) McLaren 115
9. Pierre Gasly (fra) AlphaTauri 100
10. Fernando Alonso (spa) Alps 77
11. Esteban Ocon (FRA) Alps 72
12. Sebastian Vettel (BW) Aston Martin 43
13. Lance Stroller (Can) Aston Martin 34
14. Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) AlphaTauri 20
15th. George Russell (Great Britain) Williams 16
16. Kimi Raikkonen (Ven) Alfa Romeo 10
17. Nicholas Latifi (Cannes) Williams 7
18. Antonio Giovinazzi (ETA) Alfa Romeo 3
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