October 7, 2022

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Hands from Himsterhout’s sleeves

Milan and Jorn clean Heimsterhot together.

Milan and Jorn clean Heimsterhot together. After New Year’s Eve, the streets were very dirty, fireworks were everywhere. They collected a lot of waste and everything was safely cleaned. Big compliment to these toppers!

The turn of the year passed peacefully in Drachten and the surrounding area. Although fireworks were banned, there was a lot of noise and decorative fireworks. See also this Video on LC . That’s why Milan and Jorn had enough to do on New Year’s Day.

In other parts of Friesland the area was considerably less calm. Frisian Hospital Night and Dokterswacht Friesland were comparable in terms of crowds last year, with few reports due to fireworks.

The police were subjected several times to throwing firecrackers and (heavy) bottles in the three northern governorates. Five officers were injured (slightly injured). The Mobile Unit (ME) has been deployed seven times, five of which are in Friesland. In Bardard, the police were forced to use tear gas. At the beginning of the evening, the fire brigade was called in connection with the firefighting work in Kollumerzwaag. They were obstructed by the public. ME was deployed to give room to the fire brigade, but they were pelted with heavy fireworks.

The fire brigade has been called to put out a fire at Lage Herenweg in Marrum. The Middle East region has been deployed to create a safe workspace for the fire brigade. In Tsumumarom, customers were harassed. One officer was slightly injured after an object was thrown to his head. The police arrived at the scene and one person was arrested.

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The number of firefighting teams reached 83 reports, compared to 72 last year. Not all reports were about old and new, for example, there were reports of traffic accidents or a car that caught fire on the A31 motorway.