March 28, 2023

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Hands-on with Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 3

On January 17, Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 3 started along with the release of Patch 25.2. What can you expect?

About a month after a new expansion (in this case The march of the Lich King), we can always expect a new season of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, which also brings the necessary updates to Blizzard’s auto-fighter.

General updates

To improve the overall gaming experience, Blizzard has made a number of tweaks in patch 25.2:

  • The damage limit of 15 remains until the hero is defeated and the match turns to 8 (10 gold).
  • Shield is now placed on health bars in the leaderboard
  • Undead and binary minions have now also been added to Battlegrounds after the Lich King’s career. The number of possible minions types in a match remains the same.
  • Undead minions will be in every lobby until the end of January and then for another two weeks in 75 percent of the lobbies, after which they will go on a normal rotation.
  • For a short period of time, the turns of turn 5 will be 5 seconds longer to allow everyone to get used to the new cards

These are all welcome changes and allow players to take full advantage of the new maps that have been added to Battlegrounds. Also welcome is the change to the damage cap, which makes surviving early in the match a little easier.

On top of that, Professor Butterseid has also received an update with an all-new hero power that allows him to create an undead minion made up of a combination of two other minions. The Butyrex will be playable in every lobby for two weeks. Other updates Transferred to the power of the hero Millificent Manastorm, Lord Jaraxxus, Pyramad, and Galewing

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Battlefields bonus track

Like Standard, Battlegrounds has recently added a bonus track with additional rewards. To unlock this, you can purchase a battle pass for €14.99, which will then be available for one season. In total there are 40 cosmetics to collect. These are things that don’t have any effect on the game itself, but they look nice, like hero skins, a new board, bartender, and different emotes.

Finally, you can participate in the Lunar New Year event until January 31st by playing Hearthstone and purchasing cosmetics with the rewards you earn from completing daily tasks and playing matches.

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