January 28, 2023

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Hardened at the fish market and kneaded with a jumbo machine: Who is Jonas Vinggaard?  † a trip

Hardened at the fish market and kneaded with a jumbo machine: Who is Jonas Vinggaard? † a trip

Not Tadej Pogacar, but Jonas Vingegaard is the number to beat in the Tour de France after riding to Granon. But who is hiding behind the somewhat sullen face of the Dane? personalized plate.

1 – “The Hunter”

Jonas Weinggaard’s professional dream has long been a dream. Until the age of 22 he rode with the Danish continental team ColoQuick. He combined this with a job at the fish market, where he had to gut fish from 5 a.m. to noon. Only then can the training begin.

Vingegaard didn’t give up his job at the fish market until 2018, when he signed a professional contract with Jumbo-Visma. He owes the title “The Hunter” to that period.

2. Convinced record on the prices of Cole de Jumbo Visma

The fact that Jonas Vingegaard has been noticed by a top team is largely due to his record time at Coll de Rate, during a training camp in Spain for Team ColoQuick.

Jumbo-Visma was actually more interested in Mikkel Honoré (who left for Quick-Step), but his athletic director pointed out Vingegaard, who may have had lower results, but was also able to train less due to his side job and who also had injuries. for a while.

3. An exceptional heart

Jumbo-Visma brought Jonas Vingegaard to the Netherlands after his time at the Coll de Rate to test it widely. The values ​​he displayed there confirmed what Lars Johansen, a sports physiologist for the Danish team, had claimed a few years ago: He’s a boy with exceptional qualities.

What sets Vingegaard apart from his teammates is his core, which makes him “perform 15% better than the average jockey,” according to Johansen. “If you know it only weighs 58kg, it probably kicks a huge watt/kilo.”

4. Athlete fanatic

Jonas Weinggaard is not only interested in cycling. Like many Scandinavians, he is a huge fan of the Premier League, especially Liverpool. Before Corona, he could occasionally be seen in the Anfield stands.

If he wasn’t into cycling, Vingegaard might have been a badminton player. “Maybe I’ll do it after my career,” he says.

5. The family man and her famous mother-in-law

Vingegaard, like many Danes, is real family man. This includes not only his wife Trine and daughter Frida, but also his mother-in-law Rosa.

Rosa is a celebrity in Denmark thanks to her participation in the Baking Show. Last year, her autobiography “Rosa Without a Filter” was released and she also has a cooking series on YouTube (see below).

Vingegaard himself is a fan of popsicles, boeuf Stroganoff with mashed potatoes or salmon dishes. After all, he is still a “hunter”.

He also considers his team a bit like family. He’s very grateful,” Tiesge Bennott told Martin Vangramburn. “Even while riding, he often speaks words of gratitude, which gives him something extra as a teammate. He also finishes it off.”

“I have known him since the beginning of this year, since I joined the team. I have heard that he has already made very big strides, both personally and physically. He makes a very relaxing impression, since the beginning of the tour he is really good.”

Vingegaard cooks with his mother-in-law

ride Date Riding type Beginning of the End the total winner leader
1 Single time trial Copenhagen – Copenhagen 13.2 km Lambert Lambert
2 road racing Roskilde – Nyborg 199.2 km Jacobsen from art
3 road racing Vejle – Sonderborg 182 km green roads from art
4 road racing Dunkirk – Calais 171.5 km from art from art
5 road racing Lille – Arenberg 157 km Clark from art
6 road racing Bench – Longue 219.9 km Pojakar Pojakar
7 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Tomblin – La Planche des Belles Filles 176.3 km Pojakar Pojakar
8 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Dole – Lausanne 186.3 km from art Pojakar
9 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Eagle – Chatelaw 192.9 km the jungle Pojakar
10 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Morzine – Megève 148.1 km Kurt Pojakar
11 road racingmountain stage Albertville – Col de Granon 151.7 km Vingguard Vingguard
12 road racingmountain stage Briancon – Alpes d’Huez 165.1 km
13 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Le Bourg-d’Oisans – Saint-Etienne 192.6 km
14 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Saint-Etienne – Mendia 192.5 km
15th road racingsemi-mountainous stage Rodez – Carcassonne 202.5 km
16 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Carcassonne – Foix 178.5 km
17 road racingmountain stage Saint-Gaudens – Pyragodes 129.7 km
18 road racingmountain stage Lourdes – Otakam 143.2 km
19 road racing Castelnau-Magnoac – Cahors 188.3 km
20 Single time trial La Capel Marival – Rocamadour 40.7 km
21 road racing Paris La Defense Stadium – Paris 115.6 km
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