December 7, 2023

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Harry and Meghan's invitation to welcome Charles to the state has been withdrawn

Harry and Meghan’s invitation to welcome Charles to the state has been withdrawn

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will do it telegraph He initially received an invitation to a reception for King Charles at Buckingham Palace on Sunday, but that has since been withdrawn. The reception organized by the new king appears to be reserved only for “working” members of the royal family.

However, it looks like all the tweaks will once again be settled between Prince Harry and the rest of his family. A few years ago, he chose to give up his royal duties and leave the UK to protect his wife, Meghan Markle. This caused a lot of trouble with Prince William. With the death of his grandmother, the relationship between the two brothers thawed once again, and they were also seen together last week.

His father, King Charles, also allowed Harry to wear his uniform at the Queen’s heels. Earlier this week, it was also announced that the couple had received an invitation to the state reception on Sunday, but that ceremony has been cancelled. He said the reception will only be for working royals telegraph. It is unclear why the couple were initially invited.

At the reception, the heads of state and important people who will attend the Queen’s funeral will be welcomed by the newly enthroned monarch, his consort Camilla. Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and others come to London. In total, the Queen’s funeral will be attended by about 500 dignitaries.

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