January 31, 2023

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HBO Max crashes on Fire TV media players due to Game of Thrones premiere – sound and sight – News

Some HBO Max users experienced a service crash over the weekend during the Game of Thrones premiere prequel House of the Dragon. This happened primarily on Amazon Fire TV media players, the company said in a statement.

Users on Social media like Reddit I reported the issue last night, with the HBO Max app freezing or completely crashing when watching House of the Dragon. Based on reports, the issue appears to mainly affect users who are using the HBO Max app on the Amazon Fire TV media player. This was later confirmed by HBO.

The streaming service claims that the malfunction occurred to “a few users” and that “millions” of viewers were able to watch the new prequel series without any problems. “We are aware of a small portion of users trying to connect via Fire TV devices and experiencing issues,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to The Verge. The company is working on a solution. It’s not clear why the issues appear to be specific to Fire TV devices and not other media players. It is also unknown how many users were affected by the incident.

House of the Dragon is the prequel to the popular Game of Thrones series. It takes place 200 years before that series and follows the era of the Targaryen family. The first episode aired Sunday evening at 9 p.m. in the United States. In the Netherlands it was 3 am. So it is unlikely that many European users will be affected by the collapse of HBO Max.