September 22, 2023

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He actually looks like a sympathetic young man, cool, sweet, very lush and very athletic ★★★★ ☆

He actually looks like a sympathetic young man, cool, sweet, very lush and very athletic ★★★★ ☆

About a quarter to nine, the ground started to gurgle. A crust of earth opened left and right. Plate tectonics has settled into a cozier fold. Rainbows erupted everywhere. In the meadow, the girls stop crying sadly, only to start over at once, happily. In Werchter, Harry Styles, that balm to all things sad, fell to the ground.

Vincent Van Beer

But before all the laws of physics were turned upside down by a battery of horns and a set of hips dangling from a handsome boy’s body, there was still Wet leg (also ★★★★ ☆).

Who would have feared that, after all, the British duo would miss only one record in their career, on the giant Werchter stage: poeha! What’s great about Wet Leg Live, other than its great angle, on hot songs, is that they never mistake it for a lack of seriousness and a lack of skill. Singer Ryan Tisdale couldn’t help but smile when she said on Oh No: “Life’s Hard / Credit Card / I’m So Woke Up / Diet Coke.” You spontaneously wrote poems about it yourself: “Ryan with your mouth high angle and your pink guitar / Your red Santa Claus pants and your curly armpit hair.” The wet leg was sharp and pleasant. And it won’t be easy to find something better than “Chaise Longue” in Werchter next week either.

Then it’s time: The Teraardsvaling!

First came the six-piece in yellow suits, then the cool wind band, then the reverberating music (“Daydreaming”) and then – at this point the whole field is beginning to shake to its foundations – the guy in the Casanova donning makes the girl look coy like: Harry Styles! If Jesus himself had risen on stage, the audience would have just exclaimed, “You’re in the way!” (The rest of the evening turns water into wine in a corner of the meadow for one coin per cup: win.)

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Do decibel records still need to be set? Piece of cake: Harry only had to read his national record number and shrill screams could be heard all around… Closer to Russia, amidst the rocket launches, people muttered: “Where is all this noise suddenly coming from?” Prigozhin turned away from the rebound.

“Golden” and “Adore You” were precision pounding with life and limb, thanks to brilliant percussionist Sarah Jones. But the first moment was goosebumps only at the expense of “Matilda”, the beautiful tear-jerker. “You can let her go / You can throw a party full of everyone you know / And not invite your family…” With the tears shed during this song tonight, all Belgian football fields in 1A and 1B will soon be sprinkled for one season.

from “Night Talk” (very Justin Timberlake) paid for the triple blazer: juicy watermelons, in particular. The Mitchell Rowland-like Kevin Parker has already been allowed to burn on guitar, as in the song “She.” “Cinema” went all-out disco (Boa Hari had white feathers this time) and on “Treat People With Kindness,” the singer walked around with a Belgian flag, which only added to the Eurosong vibe in that song. At smash barriers, a fan has mastered the art of almost fainting but not fainting.

In between, as befits a good Harry Styles party, there was also an ample front row flirtation. Happy birthday here (Lauren turned 27 today), declaration of love there, cheeky jokes all around. Generous and quick-witted, he proved once again the most sought-after bachelor since Fabrizio. The new Robbie Williams, but with better manners. Several poor boys, after another interested note (Is everyone still alright? . ., this is Harry.

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Stands out, besides “Matilda”, who leaves all kinds of scratches? The sheer fun of One Direction’s mega-hit anthem “What Makes You Beautiful”, the band’s international anthem “Watermelon Sugar” and “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”, which better prove that a rock show isn’t too crazy, without a change of clothes, but with a band Lively, seasoned and gorgeous, it could also work for a big pop star.

The refined alone (“mark of the times,” “as it was,” and “kiwi”) was worth the traffic jam. During the last remarks of this flawless “kiwi”, Harry smiled his rogue smile again. He bowed deeply. And then, just like that—without taking you or I in his arms, lifting you up and taking you with him, as he had tacitly promised anyway—he went. You had to wrap up, he just gave more than a good show.

Honey, can I confess something? He actually seems to be a sympathetic, cool, sweet, very fertile Harry and, moreover, a very athletic young man.