February 1, 2023

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‘He can teach you how to treat a woman like a gentleman’: Dame Di Maria slaps ex-French Pamela Anderson | world Cup of football

world Cup of footballOn social media, the wars of words continue after the final world Cup of football It continues relentlessly. After the quarrel between the current World Cup winner Angel Di Maria and the French 2018 World Cup winner Adel Rami entered, the ex-wife entered the dance. Her response was witty.

look. Emiliano Martinez with sarcasm Louis van Gaal

If any player splits after the World Cup final at Losail Stadium, it’s Emiliano Martinez. In the sarcastic way he tried to distract the French penalty takers, with an obscene gesture he made immediately after handing over the trophy to the best goalkeeper of the World Cup. Then it was announced that Kylian Mbappe “died” during the ceremony in the dressing room and made obscene gestures with a doll with Mbappe’s face during the ceremony in Buenos Aires. Louis van Gaal also had to believe it (See the video above).

Rami in a feature in May 2019 when he was with Pamela Anderson. © Photo News

Feedback was not forthcoming. Adil Rami, the only 37-year-old defender who won the World Cup in Russia with Les Bleus in 2018 and now plays for the Troyes, said what he thought of Martínez’s behaviour. “Le plus gross Fad (‘fils du pute’, ed.) du monde du football. L’homme le more detesté. “The oldest son ***** into football,” said Ramy, who was in a relationship with Pamela Anderson a few years ago.

adelrami's Instagram

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A commentary that Angel Di Maria, a wing striker who surprisingly started in the World Cup final and was good for a great game and the score is 2-0, does not like. “the depo Martinez is the best goalkeeper in the world. Go stay somewhere else,” Di Maria taunted Rami. Some other Argentines also jumped into the loophole for their teammate. “I’m dying of laughter… get out of here,” was the response of defender German Pezzella. And Leandro Paredes: “Whoa. about crying.”

Rami, in turn, felt addressed. About this crying, he wrote: “Would you teach me that, Angel?” With pictures of Di Maria, who is known for his crying spells. For example, he cried during the final, after he was substituted, and tears welled up. According to Rami, Di Maria also cries when he loses, wins, leaves the club, or … sees his tweet.

adelrami's Instagram

© instagram adilrami

And now Jorgelina Cardoso, wife of Angel Di María, has also begun to participate in the discussions. In turn, she posted a collage on her Instagram Stories, targeting Rami. To make sure the message got through, she delivered her letter in Spanish and French. “Angel can teach you how to cry, how to treat a woman like a gentleman, and how to score in the final game,” Cardozo said bluntly. Her collage contains snapshots of the last injections both gentlemen gave each other, but also quotes from Pamela Anderson. Who calls her ex a “monster” among other things …


. © RV

Emiliano Martinez recently returned to the raucous quarter-final between Argentina and the Netherlands during celebrations in his hometown of Mar del Plata. “I still remember that before the match against us, the Dutch national coach criticized our players, our captain and Angel Di Maria,” Martinez said on the podium in his hometown. “He said they would win if it came to penalties. It turned out a bit differently.” Martinez’s words sparked joy and laughter in Mar del Plata.

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Van Gaal’s remarks went in the wrong direction with the goalkeeper. But the national coach of Orange did not particularly criticize Di Maria. In addition, Van Gaal said he hopes to gain an advantage in the penalty shootout due to the special preparations. The translation was sometimes subtly taken out of context. But it put the Argentines in a fighting position.

look. “Death to Mbappe”: the gaucho dancing the conga in the dressing room

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