January 29, 2023

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Head valet Bart Swings puts Jason Settles on the road to gold in the drop race |  Ski

Head valet Bart Swings puts Jason Settles on the road to gold in the drop race | Ski

Italy’s L’Aquila will be the venue for European inline skating in the coming days. We are closely following the Belgians’ performance in Italy here.

  1. 23 hours 36. Jason Settles seizes opportunity in the elimination race. Today it’s Jason Suttles’ turn. On the second day of the European Speed ​​Skating Championships, he took the title in the elimination race over ten kilometers. With due thanks to Bart Swings who kept the strikers at a distance in the crucial stage and finished second. The Belgian skaters brought the medal harvest to five: two golds and two silvers for Satells & Swings, and another medal for Lisa Vanstenkiste, who finished second in the junior class in the 500m. On the opening day of the championship in L’Aquila, Italy, it appeared that Satells was unable to compete in the points qualifying race after increasing his pace. As a result, the first gold to come into reliable hands was Swings’ gold. On Monday, the Suttels came up well. The Swings defended the Suttels’ advance as the French skaters launched an offensive. On the last lap, Swiss Livio Wenger took the bronze, just like on the first day. .
  2. 09-05-2022.
  3. 10 pm 25. Bart Swings’ first title. On the first day of the European Figure Skating Championships, Bart Swings won the over ten kilometer points qualification race. The Swings came to L’Aquila in Italy to help Jason Suttels win one or more titles, but had to settle for second. A double victory, the only Belgian trophies were on the opening day of the tournament. Satells had made good progress when Liviu Wenger escaped. Swiss charged swings. Suttels can no longer keep up with the increasing pace. Swings had no choice but to drive for his own chances. Then the Swings claimed all the points. As a result, Wenger came third. The participants had to start twice because the race was initially halted due to an accident. Swiss Flavio Gross had to be taken off the slopes using a stretcher. & nbsp; For the women, the point elimination match was neutralized up to twice after a fall. Fran Vanhout, who won her three golds last year when she was young in 2022, finished eighth. The title went to Marines Lefeuvre of France. Steen Vanhout, France’s big sister, finished seventh in the 200 metres. Goron Geerts, the best young Belgian at the moment, lost the awards. Because of the points in the starting rounds, a third place seemed possible. Also later in the race, after she missed the stroke. However, in the final laps, it slipped back to fifth. The tournament was for Julia Prieste. .
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