December 7, 2022

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“Health institutions forget their diagnosis in case of absence”

In medical science, patients are diagnosed and treated on the basis of validated data. But when it comes to tackling absenteeism, healthcare organizations forget to make a diagnosis and take a closer look at the data to find out exactly what causes absenteeism. Not to mention the concern for prevention. Whereas the care agreement is all about prevention. This ANP expert support reports.

“I am convinced that the healthcare business of the future will be data-driven,” says Susan Van Pelt, founder of Smart Health. “At the moment, there is still a lot of ‘stickiness and dampness’ however we will continue to maintain this situation in the future. Health technology is the only solution to address the problem of absenteeism in healthcare. Thanks to the correct use of data and with individual advice and tools, absenteeism is sure to improve It will decrease by 20 percent.


This has already been proven in the business world, but it should also be a priority for employers in the healthcare sector. Whether it’s physical or mental problems, the entire ecosystem must be addressed to turn the tide, and technology can do just that.

By: National Care Guide

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