May 30, 2023

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Heartbreaking photos show how a memorial to slain Russian soldier was unveiled to the music of ‘The Hunger Games’ | Ukraine and Russia war

Heartbreaking photos have emerged showing the unveiling of a memorial to a murdered Russian soldier in Ukraine. The party will be held to the sound of music from the popular movie series “The Hunger Games”, in particular the national anthem of the totalitarian state of Panem, led by the dictatorial President Snow.

The revelation took place in Buryatia, southern Russia. And the soldier for whom the memorial was erected – Dmitry Varshinov (21 years old) from the city of Kyachta – died on April 5 last year.

Posthumously, the young man was awarded the title “Hero of the Russian Federation”, which is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed in Russia and is awarded to people who have shown exceptional courage. In addition, the town square in Kjachta was redeveloped in his honor, which cost the city around €80,000. He also received a statue worth around 25,000 euros.


An error occurred at the unveiling of this memorial on Tuesday. Footage shared by a local Viber channel shows a curtain being pulled away from the image to music from the movie series “The Hunger Games.” And not just any music, but the national anthem of the fictional totalitarian state of Panem.

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Panem is located where North America once was, before the World War destroyed everything. At the head of the country is the dictatorial President Snow. Every year the government organizes the Hunger Games, in which young people from different regions compete against each other in a type of gladiator fight. They must fight to the death to entertain the corrupt elite.

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The Panem national anthem is played on official occasions, during the opening ceremony of the Hunger Games and when the co-killed appear in the arena.

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