May 29, 2023

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Higher turkey prices are expected in the US

Higher turkey prices are expected in the US

Production declined due to bird flu and high feed prices. Fox4News reports that these are the most expensive turkey ingredients in America around Thanksgiving.

United States (US) consumers also face significant inflation. In addition, bird flu outbreaks could further increase the price of turkeys, Fox4News reported. The tradition of putting a whole turkey on the table during Thanksgiving on November 24 is under pressure.

This season, not only Europe, but also the United States is struggling with multiple outbreaks of highly pathogenic bird flu. A total of 134 turkey farms were affected. Turkey stocks are down at least 2.5 percent. Other statistics speak of the lowest production in the last ten years, 5 percent less than the 2012 production.

High food costs

Also, weights are currently 5 percent lower than usual and production costs, especially feed costs, have risen sharply. In Minnesota, a major turkey-producing state, prices are 18 percent higher.

Appraisals are now at an offer, which would be 4.3 percent below normal for Thanksgiving, which would increase estimated prices by 26 percent. Not every consumer can afford turkey because of inflation, so demand is expected to fall.

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