October 7, 2022

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Hilltop House reflects the local style

Hilltop House reflects the local style

Jaaa Studio designed a house of 125m2 in Poland for a private investor2 old. The design takes particular into consideration the immediate environment and the traditions of the region. For example, the traditional local style is reflected in the pitched roof and simple compact shape.

Another special feature is that two of the four facades are fully glazed, so that natural light floods the interior throughout the day. Extended cornices provide a ledge that allows the owner to comfortably use all terraces and balconies, whatever the weather.

natural materials

“Hilltop House” mainly uses natural materials from the outside. For example, natural stone, slate tiles, wood panels. The materials contrast the most with the modern interior, where concrete and metal predominate. A large space was created by maintaining a double height from the ground floor; This resulted in, among other things, a special experiment with fully glazed walls. By changing the levels between the living room and dining room Architect Achieve division of space without using physical obstacles.

An open staircase leads to the upper floor, which was left partially open. This gives a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. Here there is also a bathroom and two bedrooms – each with its own covered balcony.

Photo: Jaaa Studio

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