February 1, 2023

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Hip and Health: The world’s oldest person (115) even has his own Twitter account

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At 115 years old, she is the oldest person in the world. Since the death of 118-year-old Lucille Randon, Maria Branyas Moreira has taken over the Flame of Nestor on our planet. Although we must speak in two words, because he is still waiting for official recognition by Guinness World Records.

Jill LisenbergSource: the sun

Maria has Spanish citizenship, but she was born in the United States. She was born on March 4, 1907, in San Francisco, though she may have few memories of America. In 1915, her family decided to cross the ocean to live in Spain again. The crossing cost the life of her father, who died of tuberculosis just before his arrival.

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In Spain, Maria witnessed two world wars and the Spanish Civil War up close. She married a doctor and had three children, one of whom had already died. Her husband also died relatively early, at the age of 72, but Maria continued to fight. Playing the piano was her great passion. It wasn’t until her fingers started to go numb seven years ago that she had to stop making music.

“Old, very old, but not stupid”

Two years ago, Maria, who has been living in a retirement home in Olot for twenty years, contracted the coronavirus, but she too survived it. proves its strength. “She has never had to go to the hospital, she has not broken anything and she is healthy. She is not in pain,” said her youngest daughter, Rosa Moret, 78, to Catalan television. She says it is in the genes.

And that Mariah is still very much on top of her time, which is proven by her own Twitter account. “Old, very old, but not stupid,” reads the account run by her family. She has just over 7,000 followers.

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