May 30, 2023

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“His critical voice is indispensable.”

According to the jury, Bart De Wever, as president of N-VA, dares to “raise the difficult topics of our time, such as integration and immigration.” “His critical voice is indispensable in political debates,” says the jury. Other candidates include Dutch crime journalist Mick van Wely and Dutch-Iranian women’s rights activist Atti Bahadori.

The Pim Fortuyn Prize is awarded annually to opinion makers, administrators, or politicians who, according to the organization, campaign for freedom of expression. Candidates will dare to take a stand in the social debate. The award is named after the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn (1948-2002). Fortuyn is known for his controversial statements about Islam, among other things. The politician was shot dead on September 6, 2002, on the eve of the parliamentary elections in which he will participate with his list Pim Fortuyn (LPF).

Last year, the award was given to Turkish-Dutch writer Lale Gül. This year’s winner will be announced on May 25th at the Nieuwspoort press center in The Hague. The jury was formed by Chairman Simon Fortuyn, professor and publicist Afshin Elyan, psychiatrist and columnist Esther van Venema, and Joost Erdmann, head of the Dutch conservative party JA21.

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