December 2, 2022

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Historic agreement: Waasland-Beveren becomes SK Beveren again |  1B Pro League

Historic agreement: Waasland-Beveren becomes SK Beveren again | 1B Pro League

In a joint press release, the two sides speak of an “important first step.” Yesterday, a special general meeting of the nonprofit KSK Beveren agreed to cooperate, in the presence of Waasland-Beveren CEO Antoine Joben and Chairman Jo van Muir.

Not only is there a collaboration, but there is also a final arrangement around stock #2300 on one hand and the use of the (K) SK Beveren name and logo on the other.

From the 2022-2023 season, both clubs will enter their respective competitions with the historic KSK Beveren crest: KVRS Waasland-SK Beveren will enter Pro League 1B under the name SK Beveren, under clan number 4068; Beveren’s circle supporters will join KSK Beveren in the 1st province of East Flanders, under historical stock number 2300.

From now on, the clubs will have a joint right to use the trademark rights of KSK Beveren. In this way, both clubs want to “completely revive the identity and history of Beavers football’s pride in the largest possible community of fans”.

Waasland-Beveren and SK Beveren will work together at the organizational, logistical and commercial level. “For example, joint events will be organized and forces join forces for social projects in the service of the community.”

The convergence process takes at least 5 years. The goal is to bring the two clubs together “organically and progressively”.

All parties concluded the press release: “The ultimate goal is to bring football back together under one flag in Fritel, under the number 2300, with the historic colors and the historic emblem of KSK Beveren.”

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