July 22, 2024

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Historic day in Paris: “Special! We were girls dreaming about this, and today we’re riding our own tour” |  Tour de France

Historic day in Paris: “Special! We were girls dreaming about this, and today we’re riding our own tour” | Tour de France

Historic day in Paris. Today begins another full Tour de France for women. “Women’s cycling is ready,” experienced Marianne Voss assured us. For the ultimate victory, he traditionally looked to Annemiek van Vleuten. However, Demi Fullering hopes to “make it difficult for her compatriot in the final mountain stages”. This longer.

finally. There is once again a full round of the Women’s Tour de France. Ten years ago, Marianne Voss sat at the table of ASO organizer to discuss this concept. Soon the women’s Tour de France will definitely start for 8 days.

“Women’s cycling is ready. ASO realized that it would be beneficial to organize the French theater race which is also known for women. This is beautiful. So you can see again that women’s cycling has made huge strides in recent years.”

“When I was a little girl I went to watch the men’s Tour de France. Now look: I never dreamed of being involved myself. It is a special moment for me and the women’s cycling.”

I will definitely try to win today.

Marian Voss

The organization has already done its best on the drawing board to make it a memorable debut. “The course is a very nice mix of all kinds of courses. It starts flat, but gets more and more. In short, a spectacle from the start and exciting until the last moments.”

Today the spectacle can really begin on the Champs Elysees. Voss has already won the legendary finish line in the heart of Paris, and will once again take part in the discussions.

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“I will definitely try to win. It will be very intense with such a short, hot first trip. Everyone will immediately want to show up at Le Grand Départ.”

Anime Vs. Van Vleuten. Demi Fullering?

According to time-honoured tradition, Annemiek van Vleuten is bombarded everywhere to become the frontrunner for the final victory. The Dutch themselves are not interested in the game of hide and seek. “I’m a favourite and the tour is an explicit goal of mine. I won’t deny that,” Van Vleuten was honest.

“It would be a shame to lower the peloton to 1 favourite. In the early days I will be very alert, but I hope the outside world will see that there is more than one favourite. There is so much talent in this peloton. Amaze.

“I didn’t just get rid of Cavalli in the Giro. There’s going to be another big fight.”

Van Vleuten Giro closed on a pink cloud.

For example, SD Worx appears to be creating a fully qualified competitor with Demi Vollering. The Dutch think it’s okay to put out a fire in their habitat.

“Animek is my favourite, but I hope to make it difficult for her in the later stages. I love mountain biking, and I hope I can attack her up there.”

For example, the final stage of La Planche des Belles Filles is marked with a dot in Vollering. “A very difficult ending. I’ve been there regularly and know how to handle this climb.”