December 5, 2023

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Hitman 3 reviews on Steam are only 50% positive

Hitman 3 reviews on Steam are only 50% positive

After a year of being exclusively available on the Epic Games Store for PC players, Hitman 3 has finally been released steam. However, where the game was well received last year as a worthy score for the World of Assassination trilogy, the game is now receiving a lot of negative reviews, meaning the score on “Mixed” is still stuck. how is that possible? There are several reasons for this.

First, players are angry that the standard version of the game costs sixty euros, even though the game has been discontinued for a year now. It should be cheaper, or at least offer some kind of “launch sale”. In addition, there are at least six versions of Hitman 3 available, which is not only confusing, but also superfluous according to the players. The different versions, including DLC ​​for example, will not provide enough value.

but, this is not every thing. This is not the first time with the release of a Hitman game that players are having problems transferring their progress, which is a nice plus when it works because each new Hitman game is a direct sequel to the previous one.

Finally, the Steam version of Hitman 3 is receiving a lot of criticism due to what almost all reviewers writing about it say is a very poor VR mode. Overall, Hitman 3 had a poor start on Steam, which is unfortunate because it is actually a great game. Hopefully the developer of IO Interactive can make things right.