September 30, 2023

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Homey introduces a paid Advanced Flow job for Homey Pro – picture and sound – news

Homey introduces Advanced Flow technology for the Homey Pro. The paid add-on works on the basis of Flow cards and should give users more options when automating their smart homes.

According to Homey, Advanced Flow allows users to create smart home automation scenarios using new building blocks on a large canvas. The new is, for example, the start block to start an advanced stream from, for example, another stream or a voice command. With delay blocking, users can specify that a certain amount of time elapse before the next cards are dealt.

The add-on also includes Any and All cards. With any card, the action does not continue until one of the previous several flush cards is ready. The All card can be used to wait until all previous cards are ready. Some advanced flow cards can generate tags for subsequent cards. For example, error messages can be stored in error tags, so subsequent cards know what went wrong. Users can also create HomeyScripts from Advanced Flow and therefore no longer need to create separate scripts for this.

The add-on is available for a one-time fee of €25. The function can be used on Homey Pro. Homi since then Internet service access and bridge All Homey devices previously sold have been renamed Homey Pro, so they too can handle the job. Advanced streams can only be created and edited via the web app, because according to the makers, the big screen is indispensable. However, Advanced Flows mobile app allows users to start, rename, favorite and delete.

Example of a number sign from Homey Advanced Flows after asking for a bitcoin price