February 1, 2023

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Hope returns to Romelu Lukaku and Inter after defeating the leader Series A TIM 2022/2023

  1. 27′ – Yellow – Edin Dzeko
  1. 88′ – Yellow – Kim Min Jae
  2. 87′ – Yellow – Denzel Dumfries
  3. 85′ – Yellow – Giovanni Di Lorenzo
  4. 85′ – continued by Stanislav Lobotka by Giovanni Simeone
  5. 84′ – Yellow – Niccolo Barella
  6. 83′ – continued Henrikh Mkhitaryan for Roberto Gagliardini
  7. 76′ – André Franck Zambo continued Anguissa by Tanguy Ndombele
  8. 76′ – Khvitsha Kvaratschelia continued by Eljif Elmas
  9. 76′ – continued Mathieu Darmian from Denzel Dumfries
  10. 76′ – Continue Edin Dzeko for Joaquín Correa
  11. 65′ – continued Piotr Zielinski by Giacomo Raspadori
  12. 65′ – Matteo Politano is completed by Hirving Lozano
  13. 65′ – Follows Federico Demarco to Robin Goossens
  14. 64′ – Continue Romelu Lukaku Lautaro Martinez
  15. 56′ – Goal – Edin Dzeko (1-0)

Napoli’s impressive run of 19 unbeaten matches in Serie A has come to an end. Inter did at home what no other team has managed to do this season: snatch three points against
The leader in Italy. Romelu Lukaku’s performance was also encouraging.

It was since October 29, 2022 that Lukaku played a match with Inter.

It was April 2022 since Napoli lost in Serie A.

In addition to Dzeko at forward, Lukaku was allowed to try and do something about that second. It wasn’t a star role, but Lukaku’s performance was upbeat.

Before the break he would have had an assist, a first pass and a goal to his name.

Possible, because Inter and Napoli went to rest with a score of 0-0. Dimarco, Darmian and Lukaku missed chances.

The goal comes after the end of the first half

Romelu Lukaku looked fired up, but struggled with a tough Inter game. Napoli usually had the ball in a bitter game at times, but the visitors didn’t have any chances.

Inter took the lead 11 minutes into the second half.

Dimarco used the space with a counter shot. His cross came close to perfection and Dzeko rarely misses such sweet things: he headed from close range (see video).

Lukaku was allowed to celebrate, but soon after that the clock passed. This was the signal to pull the Belgian aside. Lautaro Martinez
was his replacement. The final attack of Napoli began too late.

Inter narrows the lead against Napoli to eight points.

  1. The second half, the 95th minute, the match is over
  2. Amir Rahmani (Napoli) blows the whistle from the referee. He went hard on Lautaro Martinez (Internationale). Second half, 92nd minute.
  3. Save by André Onana (Internazionale), who dives to block the ball. Second half, 90th minute.
  4. Giacomo Raspadori (Napoli) scores from … the second half, minute 90.
  5. Hirving Lozano (Napoli) can score, but his shot is saved. Second half, 90th minute.
  6. In Napoli, the corner kick was taken by Giacomo Raspadori. His cross is heading towards the near post. Second half, 89th minute.
  7. Yellow card for Kim Min-jae, Napoli player, during the second half, minute 88
  8. Kim Min-jae (Napoli) is blown by the referee. He went strong on Joaquín Correa (Internazionale). Second half, 88th minute.
  9. Yellow card for Denzel Dumfries from Internazionale during the second half, minute 87
  10. Denzel Dumfries (Internationale) blows the whistle by the referee. He went hard on Giacomo Raspadori (Napoli). Second half, 87th minute.
  11. Yellow card for Giovanni Di Lorenzo of Napoli during the second half, minute 85
  12. Giovanni Di Lorenzo (Napoli) is whistle blown by the referee. He went hard on Nicolò Barella (Inter Milan). Second half, 85th minute.
  13. Second half, minute 85. Substitute in Naples, Giovanni Simeone inside, Stanislav Lobotka outside
  14. Yellow card for Niccolo Barella, Inter Milan player during the second half, minute 84
  15. Joaquín Correa (Internationale) gets exploded by the referee. He went hard on Stanislav Lobotka (Napoli). Second half, 83rd minute.
  16. Second half, minute 83. Substitution at Inter Milan, Roberto Gagliardini inside, Henrikh Mkhitaryan outside.
  17. Linear judge flagged: Lautaro Martínez (Internationale) was offside. Second half, 82nd minute.
  18. Napoli gets a free kick. Joaquin Correa (Internationale) dropped Tanguy Ndombele. Second half, 80th minute.
  19. Second half, minute 76. Substitution in Naples, Tanguy Ndombele inside, Andre Franck Zambo Angisa outside
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