July 21, 2024

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Hori launches official Steam controller in Japan

Hori launches official Steam controller in Japan

Popular Japanese controller manufacturer Hori has an official Steam controller. Advertise.

For now, the console has only been announced for Japan. It will be available there on October 31 for 7,980 yen, which is approximately 45.50 euros. It is still unclear whether the console will also be available outside Japan, but Hori often imports consoles for other systems to the West.

The Horipad is officially licensed and closely resembles the Xbox controllers in terms of button layout. In addition to the usual action buttons, triggers, and analog sticks, additional menu buttons and four programmable buttons have also been added. You can connect the controller to a PC or Steam Deck via a USB-C cable or via Bluetooth.

Besides the Steam controller sold in the past decade, Valve only supports the Horipad as an official Steam controller. However, the platform also supports hundreds of other consoles.


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