December 1, 2022

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Horner expects another great championship game: "Let's continue until the final"

Horner expects another great championship game: “Let’s continue until the final”

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing teams are temporarily in charge of Formula 1. Currently, Ferrari and its driver Charles Leklerk are leading the way to the World Championships. They took full advantage of Red Bull driver Max Verstappen’s problems early in the season.

Verstappen won the third race of the season in Miami last weekend. As a result, he caught World Cup captain Leklerk, who finished second. Monegask has won twice so far and the two drivers have matched very equally.


So again fans can expect a big championship battle. Red Bull captain Christian Horner expects such a Titanic fight. The Briton was quoted by Motorsportweek as saying: “There is still a long way to go, it’s very close to Ferrari. The racing is fantastic. Max and Charles respect each other. At first I thought the game would not be, but it seems that this game can continue until the end. “


Horner also currently sees speed in his driver’s hands. After all, Verstappen has won the last two races, so he is in good shape. However, Horner also did not want to consider himself rich: “Barcelona is a whole new challenge with a lot of fast corners. We know Ferrari is very fast out there, so it’s about roundabouts that fit with cars. This track in Miami is perfect for racing.” Done. “

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