November 29, 2023

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Hospitals want to expel vaccine refusals |  interior

Hospitals want to expel vaccine refusals | interior

At the end of August, the advisory committee decided to require health care workers to be vaccinated in the fight against the Corona virus. But first he had to get some advice, including from the NAR, in which he represents employers and trade unions. The advice shows that employers want to impose penalties on those who refuse to be vaccinated.

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A three-stage missile is provided. After the vaccination obligation is introduced, a short transition period of two or three months may be introduced, during which health care staff can be fully vaccinated. If it does not happen after that transition period, the cooperation without reward can be suspended for a maximum period of six months. If an employee continues to refuse vaccination after this, the employment contract can be terminated.

Chloete agrees with the advice. According to the employers, penalties should be linked to the refusal of the vaccine, because “otherwise the system will not work and will be ineffective.”

Unions within the NAR have opposed the vaccination obligation and employer proposals to be able to move forward with the dismissal.

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