July 12, 2024

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How Billie Eilish brings the world of fashion to its knees: The fashion label bans fur

How Billie Eilish brings the world of fashion to its knees: The fashion label bans fur

Billie Eilish may be the only Met Gala guest ever to have the company change its policy as a requirement to wear a dress. New York times About the transformation of the fashion brand. The prestigious Oscar de la Renta will stop all fur sales. It’s been an option on the table at the company for years, but it was the 19-year-old singer who finally enforced the fur ban.

Creative directors Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim haven’t used fur in their designs for years because they didn’t think it was “chic, modern, or appropriate.” But CEO Alex Boleyn disagreed. As a compromise, Oscar de la Renta stopped showing fur on the catwalk, but the sale of fur in stores continued. Pauline says in New York times.

Garcia and Kim weren’t the only ones in the company calling for a fur ban. His wife Elisa Boleyn – the company’s vice president – and his mother, Annette de la Renta – the widow of company founder Oscar de la Renta – believe the practice is “barbaric” and have wanted to stop selling furs for years.

But it wasn’t until vegan and animal rights activist Billie Eilish was convinced she told the people behind Oscar de la Renta that she wasn’t working with brands in the fur sector, which sent Alex Boleyn into a meltdown. “I thought a lot about what Oscar, who by the way was a big fan of fur, said,” says Pauline of the fur ban. “The only thing he really worried about in the fashion world was that his eyes were getting old. I reminded him to listen to what young people were saying and to surround himself with people with different points of view.”

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Eilish also responded to Oscar de la Renta’s decision. She finds it “shocking” that wearing fur is still legal in 2021, but welcomes the ban on fur on the label. “I am honored to be a catalyst and to be heard on this case,” the pop star said. times.

The New York Times: “Billie Eilish may be the only guest ever at the Met Gala to have the company change its policy as a condition of her dress.”Beeld Getty Images for the Met Museum /

Billie Eilish (19) was part of the cool youth group of Met Gala ambassadors this year. Actor Timothée Chalamet, 25, poet Amanda Gorman, 23, and tennis star Naomi Osaka, 23, were part of the organization this year. The theme that changes annually was “In America: The Fashion Dictionary”.