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How do I install and maintain a shower tray?

How do I install and maintain a shower tray?

The bathtub is the basis of the shower cabin and the basis of a comfortable shower. A shower wouldn’t be complete without it, because this seamless tub collects and drains shower water. In addition, the bathtub is the first element of the installation. Find out in this article all about the right choice, ease of installation and proper maintenance from your bathtub.

A wide range of materials

You will find shower trays at X²O in all kinds of different sizes and materials:

  • Acrylic is very popular because it is very strong and will last for years. In addition, it is very useful
  • The compound is unbreakable, easy to clean and a sustainable choice
  • A fan of the rustic look? Then choose blue stone/granite and add a little luxury
  • With a solid surface you get a stylish and durable shower tray with a handy non-slip function.

Choose your preference according to your budget and the design of your bathroom interior. Bathtub dimensions vary by area. The most common formats are the following: 160×90 cmAnd 90×90 cmAnd 120 x 90 cmAnd 80×80 cmAnd 100×100 cmAnd 140 x 90 cm.

How do I install and maintain the shower tray

Gather the shower tray!

did you choose? Then you can put the bathtub. Make sure you have enough space and look carefully at the technical drawing. This way you know instantly where to put your siphon. Make a hole for the siphon and tube with an impact drill. Next, connect the siphon to the drain. Make sure your drain is lower than your siphon.

Now it’s time to put the shower tray where you need it. Be sure to pre-check the spirit level and make sure that your shower tray has support on the entire line. Then finish with sanitary silicone, place the shower tray on the screed, on the mortar or on the finished floor, attach your siphon and let it rest.

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How do I install and maintain the shower tray

The last touch

The shower tray is an important part of the shower cabin, but there’s more. Shower glass stops splashes and defines the look of the shower. To create a feeling of loneliness, you can choose shower wall panels Same color and material as the shower tray.

How do I install and maintain the shower tray

Enjoy for years

Cleaning the bathtub is very easy. To avoid limescale, dry the shower tray with a soft cloth after each use. You can read additional tips below:

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How do I install and maintain the shower tray

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