October 1, 2022

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How much does the list cost and what do the candidates earn from the popular reality TV show "First Dates" in Spain?

How much does the list cost and what do the candidates earn from the popular reality TV show “First Dates” in Spain?

Madrid – Did you know that the popular British-origin reality TV show “First Dates” is also broadcast in Spain with the same title? The original program has been shown on British Channel 4 since 2013 and since 2015 it has also been broadcast in the Netherlands. In Spain, Canal Cuatro began broadcasting on April 17, 2016, followed by Belgium in 2020. But what do candidates gain from this program and what does the list actually cost in Spain?

Apparently it was one of the Best Kept Secrets But it finally leaked after six years on the air. If you, as a reader, have watched Spanish First Dates, you’ll know that the presentation is in the hands of Carlos Sopra and Lydia Torrent, with Argentinian Matias Rory behind the bar and twins Cristina and Marisa Zapata as waiters. In addition to the restaurant’s original “First Dates”, there are also “First Dates Café” and “First Dates Crucero”.

Many viewers have always wondered where the restaurant is “First dates” Spain is included. This secret was actually revealed a few years ago because it is actually not a real restaurant but an antique furniture store converted into a “First Dates” studio. It can be found in the industrial zone (polígono) in San Sebastian de los Reyes, near Madrid. Chef Rachid Semlali and the food is served by Norima Salinas.

But there were two facts that were not yet known, what do couples looking for love earn and what a menu costs. The candidates on the reality TV show will receive €90 for their participation, which is €10 less than it was initially when the candidates were still receiving €100. This relates to financial compensation for the assignment of their image rights.

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Candidates meet at the bar where they get a free drink but as soon as they are seated at the table they have to pay for the food. This menu costs €15, but they get that money back at the end of filming, unless someone decides to invite their partner and pay for the meal. By the way, candidates eat during the day and not in the evening because the recordings take place from 9 am to 7 pm.