July 24, 2024

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How much you sweat depends on your cup size, according to research

How much you sweat depends on your cup size, according to research

Do you sweat easily? Then it may depend on your cup size. Scientists have discovered that there is a relationship between the amount of sweat and the size of your breasts. The larger your cup size, the less you sweat.

Researchers from the University of Southampton describe this finding in the scientific journal Experimental physiology Based on experiments.

To conduct their research, scientists gathered 22 women of different ages and with different cup sizes. They then instructed the women to run for 45 minutes in a 32-degree room.

Women with small breasts sweat more.

Thermal images were taken while running to determine how much heat the women were producing. The researchers also used special paper that changes color when it comes into contact with sweat. The women had to place this paper on their chests after exercise so that the researchers could determine the density of sweat glands in the breasts.

What does it look like? Women with small breasts sweat more. ‹Our results “It suggests that women with larger breasts have fewer sweat glands and therefore produce less sweat on the chest,” says one of the researchers, Hannah Blount.

Development of comfortable sports bras

This is a hugely important finding for women. Blount and her colleagues hope their findings will help develop better sports bras. “More than 85 percent of women consider a sports bra an essential piece of clothing while exercising, but it can be really hard to find one that fits comfortably and provides support,” Blount says.

“That’s why we decided to see how comfortable and supportive sports bras are for women with different cup sizes, especially in warm conditions – when women can experience issues like breast chafing and excessive sweat buildup in the bra. We were particularly interested in better understanding how dense the sweat glands in the breasts are and how much breast sweat changes depending on breast size, because that determines how much sweat ends up in the sports bra.”

Helps you become more active

Blount hopes her knowledge can be incorporated into the sports bra industry and women can exercise more comfortably. “We have a growing number of sedentary people in our society, so if there’s something we can do to help women become more active and make exercise more accessible to women, that’s great news,” Blount said.

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