November 30, 2023

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How Progress 80 Impressively Docked on the International Space Station

How Progress 80 Impressively Docked on the International Space Station

Progress 80 is a Russian spacecraft carrying a huge payload of equipment that recently docked with the International Space Station. This link happened last Thursday morning at 8:02am Dutch time. NASA made a video of it and shared it on Twitter for all of us to enjoy.

In the video from NASA we see the final steps of the docking process. Docking means that the spacecraft docks itself, in this case, at the International Space Station, which has been floating there for nearly thirty years. The purpose of the mooring is to provide the station with a load of things again.

Progress 80 and the International Space Station

The cool thing about Video It is to look at that process from different angles. Plus, you get direct commentary from Mission Control in the US. A mission control center is a facility that manages space flights, usually from launch to landing or the end of a mission that is then active.

What is this load of things made of? Well, three tons of food, fuel, and other equipment for the seven-man Expedition 66 team. By the way, when the video begins, the Russian spacecraft still has 77 meters to go to the International Space Station, so there is still some buildup in the process.

How fast do you go?

While it may seem like Progress 80 may be slowly moving through space, nothing could be further from the truth. The body is moving at a speed of approximately 27,354 kilometers per hour. The fact that it still seems slow is that the car has to adjust its speed to the speed of the International Space Station.

Advance 80 and the International Space Station take about ten minutes to dock. Everything must be done carefully, because a small mistake can be disastrous. The moment Advance 80 completes its mission, it falls to the ground. Then it burns up in our planet’s atmosphere.

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How Progress 80 Impressively Docked on the International Space Station

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