February 6, 2023

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How to remove deep fryer smell from your home faster? Tante Cat explains what works and what you definitely shouldn’t do to eat

Frying french fries, cooking brussels sprouts or grilling a piece of meat on the gourmet set: you are guaranteed delicious food, but also an intense aroma of food in the house. Nobody likes walking around smelling like last night’s frying pan. How do you get annoying food smells out of your house quickly? Tante Kaat tells you how to do it cheap and simple.

It can be annoying: You’ve cooked a great meal and cleaned everything up, but the unpleasant smell of fish or meat lingers in your house. “In the beginning, it’s important to open the windows first,” says Aunt Kat. “Don’t forget to turn off the heating. Energy is precious, especially at these times. You can then also set up an extractor hood. It removes some of the stale air. Still suffering from that annoying smell afterwards? Luckily, there are home remedies for the garden and kitchen to solve this problem” .

Solution 1: The product you always have at home

“One of my favorite things is vinegar,” says Aunt Kat. “You always have it at home. It’s efficient and not expensive at all. How does it work? Just put a pot of water and a little vinegar under the cooker hood. You’ll notice that food odors will quickly disappear. Have you used the gourmet set in the living room and do the chairs still smell Your food is like meat? Then it is also an option to soak some towels in vinegar and roll them over the chairs. Then the stench will seep into the towels.”

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By sprinkling coffee grounds on something, you quickly get rid of unpleasant odors.

Aunt Kate

Second solution: black gold

After a big meal or dinner, Tante Cat recommends coffee. “It’s a great idea to spread jars of coffee grounds around the room, or warm up some coffee. You can also do this before dinner. This way it prevents the irritating smell. This effective trick is even used on the plane. I once encountered a passenger vomiting on my flight.” The referees cleaned up the vomit, sprayed the area with vodka and sprinkled coffee grounds. The smell was instantly better.”

Solution 3: Weed

“There are many herbs you can burn, which will therefore provide a better scent in your home. A good example is bay leaf. It does not burn easily, so a little wax is best. Be very careful when lighting it. Other strong-smelling herbs include thyme and cloves. And rosemary. You can simply bring it to a boil in water and let it simmer for a few minutes. Fresh scent guaranteed.”

What should you not do?

“I’m not a fan of scented candles,” says Tante Cat. “People can also be allergic to linalool. A fragrance often found in scented candles. Then it is best to use regular candles to cover up the smell.” Tante Kaat is also not a fan of fabric softener. “You can boil fabric softener with some water, but that’s pretty useless. Fabric softener is a type of fabric binder. Odors will not dissipate into the air, except when they come into contact with the product, like clothes in a washing machine. They contain enzymes. A good example is Biotex. You also have the same problem with scented spray cans. They usually only cover the smell, but don’t remove it. Plus, aerosol cans are not environmentally friendly. It’s better to try natural remedies.”

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