July 25, 2024

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Huawei CEO: Without a US trade ban, we and Apple would have been the biggest – tablets and phones – news

All this nonsense is made in countries where there is cheap labor. What you want is that cell phones are made here by people who earn 15 euros an hour while they earn 1.12 euros an hour including the bonus. I don’t have a problem with that, but it’s not just hours. It’s the land, production, energy costs, etc. and the consumer doesn’t want to pay for that, right?

Although I don’t think the iphone pro max would be more expensive if it was made in Holland in terms of hourly wages, but at extra costs or because of parts also made in Europe.

The cost of the max pro in 2021 was calculated on the screen 65 €, the battery 10 €, the camera setup € 72, the processor, the modem, the circuit board and memory, the storage 149.00 € and other materials, the sensors, the production and more 175 €. We are talking about a 471.00 device sold for 1200.00 euros.

If everything is made in Europe in terms of assembly in hours, then we are talking about a few extra euros, with the drawback that everything in terms of hardware has to come from Asia and then these costs are really high. We may also need to build more expensive, power more expensive and so on, and if we really want to produce those chips, batteries from Europe, all these parts will also become more expensive. Then it is the dam wall and the device could suddenly cost 600 euros in terms of production of 1200.00 euros.

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The question then is what will Apple do with the price and then I can tell you in proportion that you will pay more than 1500.00 euros for the same device, because they have nothing to do with the shareholders. The question is do we want to pay more and in this case 20%.

This is also why everything is made in Asia and it’s cheaper to ship it halfway around the world in containers.