February 2, 2023

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Hugo Segal thanks fans in an open letter for their sympathy after Nicole's death: 'We didn't know you loved us so much'

Hugo Segal thanks fans in an open letter for their sympathy after Nicole’s death: ‘We didn’t know you loved us so much’

beloved people,

Today, December 4, 22, it’s been exactly one month since Nicole passed away, after 52 years of pure love. I Wanna I take this opportunity to personally thank you all.

Although very sad, we experienced well how intensely Flanders sympathized. We are exhausted Thousands of emails, letters and cards.

Many people wrote a few short words of comfort. Other beautiful messages with personal memories. I read every email, every letter, and every card. Out loud, because then the words penetrate deeper That way I know Nicole can hear them too.

Your responses are still so overwhelming that unfortunately it is impossible to respond to everyone personally, for which I apologize. Friends and family tell me daily about the attractive personal messages many people post on their social media. I hear stories and Testimonials that are as poignant as the letters I receive myself.

How happy Nicole was with such warmth and love! All of these letters mean one thing to me Great support and comfort.

And also a special word of thanks to the people who gave a gift “In memory of Nicole” Benefits of Alzheimer’s League (www.alzheimerliga.be). Charity close to our hearts.

I miss Nicole every moment of every day. Nicole is unique. I don’t know anyone so warm, so cute, so funny and all strong like them.

After our intense lives together, the pain, grief, and loss are clearly heavy to bear. Fortunately, I am not alone in this. Nicole always told me to keep going when I was gone, especially since the diagnosis. She has always given me the strength to persevere and always will. I want her to be able to say it over and over again, just like I sang a difficult solo number at a party. “See if you can, if you want.”

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Nicole’s jar is now at home, here with me. This gives me peace and strength.

I have an amazing family and best friends, who are always there for me and I can always turn to for a talk or a hug. It strengthens me to carry on and keep Nicole’s memory alive, also musically. I want to think about what I will and will not do in the coming months. Nicole always has it “You don’t have to stop, you have to keep going,” he said. But now it takes time to grieve.

No matter what I do, I will never be alone. I will always feel Nicole by my side. And keep dreaming, keeping her in mind. Our motto remains “Believe in the Beauty of Your Dreams”. Because as long as you are here, as long as you are there Nicole is there too and she will never be forgotten.

For more than 50 years we always feel in love, but we didn’t know you loved us so much. Thank you for giving Nicole and Hugo such a happy life and an exceptional career. She’s brought us Canzonissima with Goeiemorgen Morgen, the Eurovision Song Contest and Baby Baby, the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival in Japan, we’ve traveled through Holland with AndrĂ© Van Duin, and we’ve sung on beautiful cruises for 25 years. Across all continents, you believed in the Pastoral and embraced us even in difficult moments.

For all the loving responses in recent weeks: Eternal thanks, on behalf of Nicole and Hugo, because I will always continue to sign on behalf of both of us. I’m sure we’ll see each other again soon because I’m sure I’ll keep going.

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dear greetings,

Nicole and Hugo