February 2, 2023

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Hugo spends his one-year wedding anniversary without Nicole: 'I'll never sing 'Good Morning, Tomorrow' again  BV

Hugo spends his one-year wedding anniversary without Nicole: ‘I’ll never sing ‘Good Morning, Tomorrow’ again BV

BVA month after Nicole’s death, Hugo Segal (75) is still a broken man. He tells this in an emotional interview with the “Gazete van Antwerp”. On December 1, Nicole and Hugo usually celebrate their wedding anniversary, but it’s still early for joy. Hugo is still combative though: “Nicole said over and over that I had to persevere when you weren’t there.”

On November 4, Hugo Segal had to say goodbye to his beloved wife Nicole Josie. Although she had had health problems for some time, an accidental fall down the stairs eventually killed her. We are now a month later, but the heartache is still great. “I’m not talking about Nicole in the past tense,” says Hugo. “I’m still Nicole’s Hugo. It will always be ‘we’. As long as I live. I still talk to her.”

Nicole and Hugo married on December 1, 1971. They managed to celebrate their 50-year wedding anniversary together, but Hugo was left alone for the first time in years. Since they met, they’ve barely spent three days apart. “We did everything together. Work, on vacation, wash dishes or even go to the hairdresser: everything happened with two,” says Hugo. “At the beginning of our career, I went abroad for three days for a TV show. It was hard work, and I couldn’t do without her.”

a look. An emotional Hugo gives his final regards to Nicole

“I continue”

However, Hugo does not intend to weaken. “I will persevere, because that is what Nicole wants. But the early days were very difficult and dark. The grief and loss were overwhelming.” “The little intimate moments are what I miss the most. Now I wake up alone. You have to make the coffee yourself. There were better days, but there were bad days too. Then I cry a lot but that’s okay. I don’t want to hold back my feelings and let my tears flow freely. No I have to go through this grieving process too for her. As long as I’m here, Nicole will be there.”

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According to Hugo, it is Nicole who gives him “the strength to go on”. He still wants to sing and act, though some songs will forever remain sensitive. “Never again will I sing ‘Good Morning, Tomorrow’ or ‘Irrigation’ or ‘Baby, Darling.’ I don’t know with whom,” says Hugo. “But I want to keep singing. It may be lonely, but I will never feel lonely, because Nicole will always be there.”

a look. Nicole Van Nicol and Hugo passed away at the age of 76

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