March 28, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

Complete News World

Hundreds of thousands of teachers, civil servants and train drivers are on strike in the UK, in what may be the biggest strike day in 10 years.

But the UK government would not budge on the wage demands of the strikers, arguing that increasing wages in line with inflation would only increase inflation. It is said that it would be a disaster for the entire British economy. It appears the government is now waiting for inflation to fall again, so that it can then tell the strikers that they are not entitled to a pay raise at all, explains reporter Leah van Beekhoven on VRT NWS Live.

In addition to the demand for a decent wage increase, today there are also protests against a new law that would restrict the right to strike in various sectors.

“After years of brutal pay cuts, nurses, teachers and millions of other civil servants have seen their standards of living shrink and will face more wage problems. Starting with a decent wage increase for workers across the public sector,” said Paul Nowak, Secretary General of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) , which is a comprehensive trade union organisation.

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